First Days With The Canon 5D Mark iii

So, last thursday I received my new Canon 5D Mark III, and it has already blown my mind. The focus system on it alone is worth the upgrade from the Mark II. I have not had any official shoots with it yet, but I got a chance to take it with me on 2 wonderful little trips to NC on friday and saturday where I snapped a few photos. On friday I went with my friend Britany to Knotts Island. Her mother let us borrow her brand new semi-convertible Corvette for the afternoon, so the drive was exhilarating to say the least. On saturday I went with my friend Ashley (who bought my Mark II) to NC by way of the backroads of Suffolk. The drive was nice as well, only the exhilaration this time came from the thunderstorm we drove through on the way back. It got so bad we had to pull over for a little bit and just watch the craziness take place. It was great. Here are a few photos from those trips.. I’m so excited to shoot my next wedding with the Mark III!